From the Founder

Welcome To The Gig Leagues

We can all recall our first gig.  For me, it was caddying at the local country club.  It was the summer of 1993 and I would wake every day that hot summer to carry the golf clubs of some of the community’s most distinguished leaders.  I got the “gig” through my orthodontist who was a member at the club and recommend me for the job because he thought, I was “a good kid.”  I didn’t really know anything about golf then, but I quickly learned that there were two things that would distinguish me from the other teen caddies.  The first was my enthusiasm—I took pride in my job and it showed from the way that I dressed, spoke and carried myself.  The second was the ability to build and foster meaningful relationships, some of which I take pride in to this very day.   That summer I earned enough to buy a car, but the life lessons I learned were far more valuable.  I didn’t know it then, but these early lessons would shape who I am, both personally and professionally and be the basis for GIGS nearly 28 years later.


Since then, I have spent most of my career working in the technology staffing and recruiting field.  I have seen this industry explode and have been fortunate to work with many of Western NY’s top employers.  GIGS Recruiting was created as we saw the term “relationship” from other firms being misused and undervalued.  In most recruiting agencies today, candidates are never met and viewed as a resume commodity to submit to a client for a metric.


Technology is partly at fault here as texting and electronic relationships are becoming more transactional.   Because of that, the value of the relationship for both parties is lessened.  At GIGS, we plan to utilize technology and marry it with old school connections and relationships.   We are so relationship focused that we will not work with you as a candidate or a client without meeting you.  We want to take back the meaning of the word relationship to where it belongs while at the same time work with clients to solve hiring challenges to move their business forward and work with candidates in the next step in their career, whatever that may be.


While the world might be different today than my days working as a caddy, I still bring the same enthusiasm and passion to my work. I am committed to building and fostering authentic relationships just like I did so long ago.